What is Social media campaign


Social media campaign creates awareness about the brand and engages with customers.

Social media campaign can be a great way of increasing brand cognizance, customer’s involution and long term loyalty and generating a short term hike in sales.
Each and every social media campaign is different and unique. All the successful social media campaign has one thing in common which is clear objective and specific quality information.
The size and shape of the campaign does not matter what matters is the quality of content provided so that users can link up instantly.
Social media campaign relies on three core pillars: what to do before, after and during the campaign
A social media campaign does not start by a single click or by posting and thing, neither its end of the same procedure.
The efforts of the campaign are needed throughout the process. Depending on the scale of campaign one can spent days, weeks or something months also.

1. What to do before a social media campaign

The efforts put on the first stage will directly responsible for the success or the failure. You need to decide the goals first like Is your main aim to increase brand awareness by reaching out to a new target consultation or is it more about educating, informing and engaging existing customers?
Is your aim to generate buzz about a new product launch or event or to increase sales of an under performing product line?
So the goal must be clear.
You should also have a clear timeline for your campaign, a start date and end date, as well as a schedule for when you will be sending each social media message.

2. What to do during the social media campaign

The time spent during the campaign will directly give hike to the participants involved and

The time during a social media campaign will be you’re most active, as you’ll spend the entire campaign monitoring and engaging participants. People will appraise you if anything is faulty with the campaign.
The monitoring efforts play the major role and give you the idea about the popularity of the campaign.

3. What to do after a social media campaign

After the campaign the pressure is off, but what you do after a social media campaign is just as important as the campaign itself. You put in all this work for a reason.

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