Why to publish SEO friendly Content for your website?

Content is used to draw more visitors and users to your website, helping to expose your brand and its products or services to a wide market of people, including potential customers.

Standing out from the crowd – especially on the internet – is very important, as more and more businesses take to the web to promote their business and their products or services. However, it isn’t as easy to stand out as you may think, but SEO friendly content can help!

We have put together a short guide of three ways you can write SEO friendly content for your website, helping you to rank in search engines, be seen more, and stand out from the crowd, keeping you, users and search engines happy:

Invest in High Quality, Unique and Original Content

High quality content is becoming increasingly vital in a world where content – no matter its quality – can be uploaded to the web in a matter of seconds.

High quality content makes you stand out from the rest, and will ensure your readers stick around right until the very last word of your article, and search engines – surprisingly – understand this, too.

This means that the poorer the quality of the article, the less chance you have of ranking, especially if your content is not holding the attention of your reader, as search engines will assume that the content is not what your readers are looking for.

To ensure that this does not happen to you, ensure that your content is of the highest quality, even if you have to employ someone else to write it, as it may be their field and not yours.

Good quality content is concise, engaging and does not contain “fluff” to pad it out. If done well, Google will rank you much higher, and there no better reward than appearing on the first page of Google’s search results.

Use and Optimize Images

Adding images to the body of your text – especially if it is long – is a great way to break it up and make it less tiring for your readers to consume.

A lot of the time if readers are faced with large amounts of text, they get bored and move on. However, images give them something to look at while reading the information, as well as contribute positively to your SEO.

Images are another way for search engines to understand more about your page and the content you are trying to get across to your readers.

Interlink your Pages and Articles

Interlinking is a great way to create a web within your website that links to other relevant content that is already on your website.

By internally linking to other pages you are directing your readers and users to other content that is related to the subject they are already reading, and that they may be interested in.

Not only does it peak your users’ interest and point them in another direction, making them stay on your website longer, but it helps to ease user navigation, too, enhancing their experience while ticking an important SEO aspect off your list.

SEO friendly content relates to content that search engines easily understand, which will then help you better rank in search results. If you would like some professional help with SEO friendly content for your website, contact us Ozone Desk help center.

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