How to increase your traffic via Social Media?

The trend of websites is very in these days that are why many people are starting their own websites each day. The success of these websites depends on the website traffic and the duration of the readers stays on the website. That is why the website owners are focusing more and more on the website traffic and how to attract more readers at the same time.

Working techniques for generating traffic from Social Media:

The traffic depends on the content of the website as well as its loading speed, therefore, the readers’ stays on the page, the other way to generate the website traffic is through the social media.

1. Publish your content on your social media page:

Many bloggers and V bloggers are publishing and promoting their contents and videos on their social media pages such as a Facebook page. The links which are shared on the social media pages helps in promotion of the blog or website as there are many active members of the social media rather than the blogs or website. Once the link is published or shared those people who like the page will receive the notification and once they click on the link this will redirect them to the website page or blog. This helps in increasing and redirecting the social media audience to your website or blog.

2. Optimize the website content for each social media site:

There are many options for social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc and all these sites and applications have different approaches and reading styles for the audience. Some have limited words and some have unlimited options to share your content, that is why while attracting the readers keep in mind the type of social media site you are using as well as the how the messages are conveyed on these websites. Once the content is optimized correctly, the audience will automatically attract on the blog.

3. Multiple sharing and its limitations:

You can always share the same content twice or thrice but keep in mind which content should be shared on the social media and how many times it should be shared. If the blogger or website owner shares the boring stuff on the social media it might hurt the image of the website. Therefore only interesting content on the social media and after a time the same content can be shared again which was popular among the people but it is important not to over sharing it as it will also harmful for the blogger and website.

4. Monitor the response of your readers:


It is very important for your website and blog to monitor the feedback and response from the audience on the social media as they will only come to your blog or website if someone will listen and act according to their feedback.

•  Increase or decrease your social media post:

Keep an eye on the audience on your social media and observe the interest of the audience. This will help you understand their interest and then manage the social media post according to it.

•  Have a look at the negative feedback of the readers:

People are more expressive on the social media than the websites or blogs that are why always know the negative feedback of the readers and audience which will help you improve your content according to the demand.

•  Don’t let the interest fade:

The readers lose interest in the content quite often that is why it is important to keep them engage in the content and blog. Keep an eye on the audience behavior and keep uploading interesting stuff for the readers.

5. Get more influencers for your social media and blog content:

It is easier and quick to influence the readers on the social media and if you can get a popular influence to endorse or sponsor your content. It can be very good for your website or blog and people will engage more in the trustworthy blogs and website. For example, you can find health and personal care products influencers through Facebook social groups.

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